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The Hatred of Love...

The Black Light - The Hatred of Love

Hawaii Five is one of the best restaurant in the city. Everything is neat and clean, the food is always tasty and they use good stuff to cook. It is one of the famous and well known restaurant in the city. One must book the table in the early morning to get a table in the restaurant. Other than two people in the city everyone must book their table early in the morning. They both were couples and they both were in love, they love this restaurant and they visit this restaurant everyday for dinner. 

"So what are you going to eat, my love?" Aarav asked.

"I just need a coffee, that's all!" Ruha said nervously.

"Just coffee? But why its a dinner time, lets eat your favorate meal!" Aarav asked Ruha while taking her hand into his hand.

"Aarav i am nervous, what if your family will say no to our marriage, or what if they won't like me?" Ruha said nervously and she was in fear of losing him.

Aarav hugged her and said "Don't worry i am with you, we will get through this. My family will love you. And they will agree to this marriage. Do you know why?... Because my love, I love you so much. " And he kissed her.

Ruha felt good and she kissed him back and said "I love you, No matter what! I won't leave you."

Aarav blushed and said "I love you too sweetheart, same to you my love."    

Next day Aarav met Ruha and they both came to Aarav's house to meet his parents. Aarav lives in a big bunglow, he has two cars and three bikes. His family in middle-high class folks, They were known in the city for their charity. Aarav's father was a man of old customs and traditions, where as his mother was very modern and totally opposite to her father in the matter of old customs and traditions. But this difference was not a hurdle or a problem in their love life, they loved each other beside their differences. They entered the house and in the main room Aarav's father was watching the television.

"नमस्ते(Namaste)  Uncle" Ruha said to Aarav's father in respect
[(नमस्ते)Namaste : a respectful greeting said when giving a namaskar.]

Aarav's father looked at Ruha and said "Namaste child , so you are the girl Aarav was talking about!"

"He talks about you so much"

After that Aarav's mother came and they talked and laughed together and then Aarav's family agreed to their marriage. They had a family lunch together.  
After lunch Aarav's father asked "What about the दहेज(Dowry) Ruha?"  [Dowry(दहेज):- In India dowry system is still prevailing.]

Ruha was shocked and suddenly her smile was gone and she said "Uncle i belong to lower-middle class family, my father is a government officer so its hard to give you anything." She said while feeling embarrassed.

Aarav's father said angrily "दहेज नहीं तो शादी नहीं meaning If there is no dowry then there will be no marriage."

And then he said "You can leave now"

Ruha felt insulting and she went away, Aarav didn't said a word. He just watched all this.

Aarav was sitting in his room and he was thinking and his 
mother came to him and said "She is a good girl, don't let her go. We don't need Dowry from her, we have everything we want. You are a men and you don't need money or anything from her, instead of taking from her, you should give her. You live in a modern world, your father still is in his 80s, but you are not. Understand this; Dowry system is waste and illegal, maybe you will get things you want like money, furniture, property, vehicles, etc  in dowry but you will lose the person you love."

Aarav said "If father wants dowry from her then she should give it, end of story. If not then she can find someone else."  

"This is your ego Aarav, and because of this you will lose her and why she will bring dowry for your family? What have you done for her? Have you paid fees of her college? Have you gave her the house to stay? What have you done to ask her for dowry?"  Aarav's mother asked Aarav angrily.

"Mom, enough i don't want to hear this all, this is my life and i will take care of it." After saying this Aarav left.

After some years Aarav married another girl and she bought many things with her in dowry. After some years that girl played with Aarav and took everything from him, he and his family was left with nothing.
She called someone and said "The Job is Done!"

Reply came from the other side of the phone "Give cellphone to Aarav"

That girl gave the phone to Aarav.

"If you want everything back, meet me in Hawaii Five at dinner time, same table." and she hung up.

Before Aarav say anything the unknown girl ended the call. Aarav started thinking about who is this and why she is doing all this. He thought "Lets go there and find out."

At dinner time he went to the restaurant and sat on the same table he and Ruha used to sit. He waited for thirty minutes and he was afraid. After some time a girl came and sat in front of him, She was totally covered from head to toe. 

Aarav asked her "Who are you and what do you want?"

She laughed and said "You know me Aarav!"

"No i don't, stop playing game with me and tell me what do you want and why you are doing this?" Aarav said to the girl.

The unknown girl removed her scarf and after seeing the face, Aarav said shockingly "What the hell? This is not possible! this is not real, you are not real!"

"Yes Aarav its me Ruha!" 

"How on the earth you are alive? 
Last time i checked you were dying in your own house!" 

"After you raped me and burned my house along with my parents, and you left me to die in my own house, you left me to burn and you left my whole family to burn i managed to save myself somehow, But i couldn't help my family, they died in that fire." Ruha said while crying.

"What are going to do about it? ha? 

"I am going to raise an complaint about it that you murdered my family and raped me and tried to kill me as well" Ruha said angrily. 

Aarav laughed and said "Yes you do that, because they won't believe you and if they do, then also i will be out in two or three days because everyone knows my family and me. So you can't do anything, my love. Go home.

my bad, i almost forgot you don't have a house.

Ruha stared angrily and after that she smiled and said, "you are right Aarav, no one will believe me and if they do then also you will come out in two or three days. But you are not going to jail!"

Aarav asked while laughing "Oh really? Pray do tell that where am i going then?"

"YOU ARE GOING TO HELL WITH ME" Ruha said and pressed the button on the remote, Aarav saw this and tried to run, but before he could run the bomb was detonated and there was blood all over the Hawaii Five. No one was sitting near Aarav and Ruha, it was pre-planned Suicide-Murder. After a month police got a video tapes of Aarav burning the house. After those evidence police declared Aarav as a murderer and rapist. And the case was closed.

Hawaii Five was closed down after that bomb blast But after ten years it was refurnished and reopened. Hawaii Five was still prevailing like DOWRY & RAPES in the Country. 

To Be Continued...

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The Black Light

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Well its simple I always wanted to create a blog because maybe that's the coolest thing I have ever seen, but due to lack of topics I was unable to process, and I had a small fear of writing a Blog. But But But... now its all gone and I have started this Blog. Because you have to start from somewhere right?
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